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11-Set-2017Comment on Rohrscheib et al. 2016 "Intensity of mutualism breakdown is determined by temperature not amplification of Wolbachia genes"Chrostek, Ewa; Teixeira, LuisarticleopenAccess
Fev-2017Disease tolerance and immunity in host protection against infectionSoares, Miguel P.; Teixeira, Luis; Moita, Luis F.articleembargoedAccess
29-Set-2016Drosophila Adaptation to Viral Infection through Defensive Symbiont EvolutionPaulo, Tânia F.; Nolte, Viola; Schlötterer, Christian; Sucena, Élio; Teixeira, LuisarticleopenAccess
9-Jun-2014High anti-viral protection without immune upregulation after interspecies Wolbachia transferChrostek, Ewa; Marialva, Marta S P; Yamada, Ryuichi; O'Neill, Scott L; Teixeira, LuisarticleopenAccess
26-Set-2013Host Adaptation Is Contingent upon the Infection Route Taken by PathogensMartins, Nelson E.; Faria, Vitor G.; Teixeira, Luis; Magalhães, Sara; Sucena, ÉlioarticleopenAccess
10-Fev-2015Mutualism Breakdown by Amplification of Wolbachia GenesChrostek, Ewa; Teixeira, LuisarticleopenAccess
18-Set-2014Symbionts commonly provide broad spectrum resistance to viruses in insects: a comparative analysis of Wolbachia strainsMartinez, Julien; Longdon, Ben; Bauer, Simone; Chan, Yuk-Sang; Miller, Wolfgang J; Bourtzis, Kostas; Teixeira, Luis; Jiggins, Francis MarticleopenAccess
31-Mar-2015The Impact of Host Diet on Wolbachia Titer in DrosophilaSerbus, Laura R.; White, Pamela M.; Silva, Jessica Pintado; Rabe, Amanda; Teixeira, Luis; Albertson, Roger; Sullivan, WilliamarticleopenAccess
4-Dez-2014The Toll-dorsal pathway is required for resistance to viral oral infection in DrosophilaFerreira, Álvaro Gil; Naylor, Huw; Esteves, Sara Santana; Pais, Inês Silva; Martins, Nelson Eduardo; Teixeira, LuisarticleopenAccess
18-Jan-2018Within host selection for faster replicating bacterial symbiontsChrostek, Ewa; Teixeira, LuisarticleopenAccess
12-Dez-2013Wolbachia Variants Induce Differential Protection to Viruses in Drosophila melanogaster: A Phenotypic and Phylogenomic AnalysisChrostek, Ewa; Marialva, Marta S. P.; Esteves, Sara S.; Weinert, Lucy A.; Martinez, Julien; Jiggins, Francis M.; Teixeira, LuisarticleopenAccess