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23-Mar-2013An ABC Method for Estimating the Rate and Distribution of Effects of Beneficial MutationsMoura de Sousa, J. A.; Campos, P. R. A.; Gordo, I.articleopenAccess
13-Set-2013An experimental test on the probability of extinction of new genetic variantsChelo, Ivo M.; Nédli, Judit; Gordo, Isabel; Teotónio, HenriquearticleopenAccess
1-Jun-2012Analysis of Protein Turnover by Quantitative SNAP-Based Pulse-Chase ImagingBodor, Dani L.; Rodríguez, Mariluz Gómez; Moreno, Nuno; Jansen, Lars E.T.articleopenAccess
2014Androgen modulation of social decision-making mechanisms in the brain: an integrative and embodied perspectiveOliveira, Gonçalo A.; Oliveira, Rui F.articleopenAccess
11-Fev-2014Androgen responsiveness to competition in humans: the role of cognitive variablesOliveira, Rui; Oliveira, GonçaloarticleopenAccess
24-Mar-2014Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potential of the Bifurcaria bifurcata Epiphytic BacteriaHorta, André; Pinteus, Susete; Alves, Celso; Fino, Nádia; Silva, Joana; Fernandez, Sara; Rodrigues, Américo; Pedrosa, RuiarticleopenAccess
7-Out-2017Approaches and Perspectives for Development of African Swine Fever Virus VaccinesArias, Marisa; de la Torre, Ana; Dixon, Linda; Gallardo, Carmina; Jori, Ferran; Laddomada, Alberto; Martins, Carlos; Parkhouse, R. Michael; Revilla, Yolanda; Rodriguez, Fernando and Jose-Manuel; Sanchez-Vizcaino, nullarticleopenAccess
Out-2013Arabidopsis Tetraspanins Are Confined to Discrete Expression Domains and Cell Types in Reproductive Tissues and Form Homo- and Heterodimers When Expressed in YeastBoavida, L. C.; Qin, P.; Broz, M.; Becker, J. D.; McCormick, S.articleopenAccess
1-Mai-2013Are There Really Twice as Many Bovid Species as We Thought?Heller, R.; Frandsen, P.; Lorenzen, E. D.; Siegismund, H. R.articleopenAccess
3-Jul-2012Arginine vasotocin regulation of interspecific cooperative behaviour in a cleaner fishSoares, Marta C; Bshary, Redouan; Mendonça, Rute; Grutter, Alexandra S; Oliveira, Rui FarticleopenAccess
15-Out-2001Arrested B Lymphopoiesis and Persistence of Activated B Cells in Adult Interleukin 7Carvalho, Thiago L.; Mota-Santos, Tomaz; Cumano, Ana; Demengeot, Jocelyne; Paulo, VieiraarticlerestrictedAccess
4-Mar-2015Ascl1 Coordinately Regulates Gene Expression and the Chromatin Landscape during NeurogenesisRaposo, Alexandre A.S.F.; Vasconcelos, Francisca F.; Drechsel, Daniela; Marie, Corentine; Johnston, Caroline; Dolle, Dirk; Bithell, Angela; Gillotin, Sébastien; van den Berg, Debbie L.C.; Ettwiller, Laurence; Flicek, Paul; Crawford, Gregory E.; Parras, Carlos M.; Berninger, Benedikt; Buckley, Noel J.; Guillemot, François; Castro, Diogo S.articleopenAccess
1-Abr-2013Assembly in G1 phase and long-term stability are unique intrinsic features of CENP-A nucleosomesBodor, D. L.; Valente, L. P.; Mata, J. F.; Black, B. E.; Jansen, L. E. T.articleopenAccess
Fev-2016Assessing Tolerance to Heavy-Metal Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana SeedlingsRemy, Estelle; Duque, PaulabookPartopenAccess
9-Dez-2014Association between Recruitment Methods and Attrition in Internet-Based StudiesBajardi, Paolo; Paolotti, Daniela; Vespignani, Alessandro; Eames, Ken; Funk, Sebastian; Edmunds, W. John; Turbelin, Clement; Debin, Marion; Colizza, Vittoria; Smallenburg, Ronald; Koppeschaar, Carl; Franco, Ana O.; Faustino, Vitor; Carnahan, AnnaSara; Rehn, Moa; Merletti, Franco; Douwes, Jeroen; Firestone, Ridvan; Richiardi, LorenzoarticleopenAccess
25-Fev-2014Association of BANK1 and cytokine gene polymorphisms with type 1 diabetes in TunisiaZouidi, Ferjani; Stayoussef, Mouna; Bouzid, Dorra; Fourati, Hajer; Abida, Olfa; João, Costa; Ayed, Mourad Ben; Fakhfakh, Raouia; Thouraya, Kammoun; Monjia, Hachicha; Carlos, Penha-Gonçalves; Masmoudi, HatemarticlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2015Association of TCR/CD3, PTPN22, CD28 and ZAP70 gene polymorphisms with type 1 diabetes risk in Tunisian population: Family based association studyFerjeni, Zouidi; Bouzid, D.; Fourati, H.; Stayoussef, M.; Abida, O.; Kammoun, T.; Hachicha, M.; Penha-Gonçalves, C.; Masmoudi, H.articlerestrictedAccess
16-Abr-2015Asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum infection in children is associated with increased auto-antibody production, high IL-10 plasma levels and antibodies to merozoite surface protein 3Guiyedi, Vincent; Bécavin, Christophe; Herbert, Fabien; Gray, Julian; Cazenave, Pierre-André; Kombila, Maryvonne; Crisanti, Andrea; Fesel, Constantin; Pied, SylvianearticleopenAccess
23-Abr-2013Atherogenesis May Involve the Prooxidant and Proinflammatory Effects of Ferryl HemoglobinPotor, László; Bányai, Emese; Becs, Gergely; Soares, Miguel P.; Balla, György; Balla, József; Jeney, ViktóriaarticleopenAccess
31-Mai-2017Audience Effects in Territorial Defense of Male Cichlid Fish Are Associated with Differential Patterns of Activation of the Brain Social Decision-Making NetworkRoleira, António; Oliveira, Gonçalo A.; Lopes, João S.; Oliveira, Rui F.articleopenAccess