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27-Jun-2012Face Your Fears: Cleaning Gobies Inspect Predators despite Being Stressed by ThemSoares, Marta C.; Bshary, Redouan; Cardoso, Sónia C.; Côté, Isabelle M.; Oliveira, Rui F.articleopenAccess
17-Out-2012FACS-based purification of Arabidopsis microspores, sperm cells and vegetative nucleiBorges, Filipe; Gardner, Rui; Lopes, Telma; Calarco, Joseph P; Boavida, Leonor C; Slotkin, R; Martienssen, Robert A; Becker, Jörg DarticleopenAccess
17-Abr-2013Female and Male Perspectives on the Neolithic Transition in Europe: Clues from Ancient and Modern Genetic DataRasteiro, Rita; Chikhi, LounèsarticleopenAccess
30-Mai-2013Filling the gaps of dinosaur eggshell phylogeny: Late Jurassic Theropod clutch with embryos from PortugalAraújo, Ricardo; Castanhinha, Rui; Martins, Rui M. S.; Mateus, Octávio; Hendrickx, Christophe; Beckmann, F.; Schell, N.; Alves, L. C.articleopenAccess
5-Set-2014Fitness Measurements of Evolved Esherichia coliMiskinyte, Migla; Gordo, IsabelarticleembargoedAccess
29-Jul-2015GABA signalling modulates plant growth by directly regulating the activity of plant-specific anion transportersRamesh, Sunita A.; Tyerman, Stephen D.; Xu, Bo; Bose, Jayakumar; Kaur, Satwinder; Conn, Vanessa; Domingos, Patricia; Ullah, Sana; Wege, Stefanie; Shabala, Sergey; Feijó, José A.; Ryan, Peter R.; Gillham, MatthewarticleopenAccess
2005Gametophyte interaction and sexual reproduction: how plants make a zygoteBoavida, L.C.; Vieira, A.M.; Becker, J.D.; Feijó, J.A.articleopenAccess
Jun-2005Gene family analysis of the Arabidopsis pollen transcriptome reveals biological implications for cell growth, division control and gene expression regulationPina, C.; Pinto, F.; Feijó, J.A.; Becker, J.D.articleopenAccess
Fev-2009A Gene-Based Linkage Map for Bicyclus anynana Butterflies Allows for a Comprehensive Analysis of Synteny with the Lepidopteran Reference GenomeBeldade, P.; Saenko, SV.; Pul, N.; Long, AD.articleopenAccess
10-Jan-2014Generation of SNP datasets for orangutan population genomics using improved reduced-representation sequencing and direct comparisons of SNP calling algorithmsGreminger, Maja P; Stölting, Kai N; Nater, Alexander; Goossens, Benoit; Arora, Natasha; Bruggmann, Rémy; Patrignani, Andrea; Nussberger, Beatrice; Sharma, Reeta; Kraus, Robert H S; Ambu, Laurentius N; Singleton, Ian; Chikhi, Lounes; van Schaik, Carel P; Krützen, MichaelarticleopenAccess
Mar-2015Genetic association of CD247 (CD3ζ) with SLE in a large-scale multiethnic studyMartins, M; Williams, A H; Comeau, M; Marion, M; Ziegler, J T; Freedman, B I; Merrill, J T; Glenn, S B; Kelly, J A; Sivils, K M; James, J A; Guthridge, J M; Alarcón-Riquelme, M E; Bae, S-C; Kim, J-H; Kim, D; Anaya, J-M; Boackle, S A; Criswell, L A; Kimberly, R P; Alarcón, G S; Brown, E E; Vilá, L M; Petri, M A; Ramsey-Goldman, R; Niewold, T B; Tsao, B P; Gilkeson, G S; Kamen, D L; Jacob, C O; Stevens, A M; Gaffney, P M; Harley, J B; Langefeld, C D; Fesel, CarticleopenAccess
2009Genetic diversity in the SIR model of pathogen evolutionGordo, I.; Gomes, M.G.M.; Reis, D.G.; Campos, P.R.A.articleopenAccess
Jan-2014Genetic diversity of serotype A foot-and-mouth disease viruses in Kenya from 1964 to 2013; implications for control strategies in eastern AfricaWekesa, Sabenzia N.; Sangula, Abraham K.; Belsham, Graham J.; Muwanika, Vincent B.; Heller, Rasmus; Balinda, Sheila N.; Masembe, Charles; Siegismund, Hans R.articleopenAccess
2009Genetic recombination and molecular evolutionGordo, I.; Charlesworth, B.; Kaiser, V.B.; Betancourt, A.J.articleopenAccess
3-Out-2007Genetic subtraction profiling identifies genes essential for Arabidopsis reproduction and reveals interaction between the female ganetophyte and the maternal sporophyteJohnston, A.J.; Meier, P.; Gheyselinck, J.; Federer, M.; Wuest, A.E.J.; Schlagenhauf, E.; Becker, J.D.; Grossnikalus, U.articleopenAccess
17-Jul-2015Genetic Variants Underlying Risk of Intracranial Aneurysms: Insights from a GWAS in PortugalAbrantes, Patrícia; Santos, Maria M.; Sousa, Inês; Xavier, Joana M.; Francisco, Vânia; Krug, Tiago; Sobral, João; Matos, Mafalda; Martins, Madalena; Jacinto, António; Coiteiro, Domingos; Oliveira, Sofia A.articleopenAccess
Jun-2006Genetic variation for outcrossing among Caenorhabditis elegans isolatesTeotónio, H; Manoel, D; Phillips, PCarticleopenAccess
7-Out-2016Genetics of host-parasite interactions: towards a comprehensive dissection of Drosophila resistance to viral infectionMagalhães, Sara; Sucena, ÉlioarticleopenAccess
20-Jan-2012Genetics. Sowing the seeds of centromeres.Jansen, L. E. T.articleopenAccess
23-Ago-2013Genome architecture is a selectable trait that can be maintained by antagonistic pleiotropyTeresa Avelar, Ana; Perfeito, Lília; Gordo, Isabel; Godinho Ferreira, MiguelarticleopenAccess