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11-Abr-2013Q&A: Who needs a centrosome?Bettencourt-Dias, MónicaarticleopenAccess
24-Jul-2014Quantifying the Length and Variance of the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Phases by a Stochastic Model and Dual Nucleoside Pulse LabellingWeber, Tom Serge; Jaehnert, Irene; Schichor, Christian; Or-Guil, Michal; Carneiro, JorgearticleopenAccess
Dez-2004Quantitative genetics of functional characters in Drosophila melanogaster populations subjected to laboratory selectionTeotónio, H; Matos, M; Rose, MRarticleopenAccess
22-Ago-2016Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals the role of the AMPK plant ortholog SnRK1 as a metabolic master regulator under energy deprivationNukarinen, Ella; Nägele, Thomas; Pedrotti, Lorenzo; Wurzinger, Bernhard; Mair, Andrea; Landgraf, Ramona; Börnke, Frederik; Hanson, Johannes; Teige, Markus; Baena-Gonzalez, Elena; Dröge-Laser, Wolfgang; Weckwerth, WolframarticleopenAccess
4-Ago-2017Quantitative proteomics screen identifies a substrate repertoire of rhomboid protease RHBDL2 in human cells and implicates it in epithelial homeostasisJohnson, Nicholas; Březinová, Jana; Stephens, Elaine; Burbridge, Emma; Freeman, Matthew; Adrain, Colin; Strisovsky, KvidoarticleopenAccess
7-Out-2015Quantitative trait locus analysis of parasite density reveals that HbS gene carriage protects severe malaria patients against Plasmodium falciparum hyperparasitaemiado Sambo, Maria Rosário; Penha-Gonçalves, Carlos; Trovoada, Maria Jesus; Costa, João; Lardoeyt, Roberto; Coutinho, AntónioarticleopenAccess
Jan-2010Rab27a and Rab27b control different steps of the exosome secretion pathwayOstrowski, M.; Carmo, NB.; Krumeich, S.; Fanget, I.; Raposo, G.; Savina, A.; Moita, CF.; Schauer, K.; Hume, AN.; Freitas, RP.; Goud, B.; Benaroch, P.; Hachoen, N.; Fukuda, M.; Desnos, C.; Seabra, MC.; Darchen, F.; Amigorena, S.; Moita, LF.; Thery, C.articleopenAccess
11-Mai-2015Rab27a controls HIV-1 assembly by regulating plasma membrane levels of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphateGerber, P. P.; Cabrini, M.; Jancic, C.; Paoletti, L.; Banchio, C.; von Bilderling, C.; Sigaut, L.; Pietrasanta, L. I.; Duette, G.; Freed, E. O.; de Saint Basile, G.; Moita, C. F.; Moita, L. F.; Amigorena, S.; Benaroch, P.; Geffner, J.; Ostrowski, M.articleopenAccess
14-Dez-2016RAG Recombinase as a Selective Pressure for Genome EvolutionPassagem-Santos, D.; Bonnet, M.; Sobral, D.; Trancoso, I.; Silva, J.G.; Barreto, V.M.; Athanasiadis, A.; Demengeot, J.; Pereira-Leal, J.B.articleopenAccess
2008Rapid Experimental Evolution of Pesticide Resistance in C. elegans Entails No Costs and Affects the Mating SystemLopes, PC; Sucena, E; Santos, ME; Magalhães, SarticleopenAccess
29-Fev-2012A Rapid FACS-Based Strategy to Isolate Human Gene Knockin and Knockout ClonesMata, João F.; Lopes, Telma; Gardner, Rui; Jansen, Lars E. T.articleopenAccess
27-Abr-2010Rate and effects of spontaneous mutations that affect fitness in mutator Escherichia coliGordo, I.; Perfeito, L.; Trindade, S.articleopenAccess
Jan-2014RATES OF FITNESS DECLINE AND REBOUND SUGGEST PERVASIVE EPISTASISPerfeito, L.; Sousa, A.; Bataillon, T.; Gordo, I.articleopenAccess
4-Dez-2013Rates of transposition in Escherichia coliSousa, A.; Bourgard, C.; Wahl, L. M.; Gordo, I.articleopenAccess
11-Nov-2015Reassessing the Evolutionary History of the 17q21 Inversion PolymorphismAlves, Joao M.; Lima, Ana C.; Pais, Isa A.; Amir, Nadir; Celestino, Ricardo; Piras, Giovanna; Monne, Maria; Comas, David; Heutink, Peter; Chikhi, Lounès; Amorim, António; Lopes, Alexandra M.articleopenAccess
16-Abr-2013Recent thymic emigrants are the preferential precursors of regulatory T cells differentiated in the peripheryPaiva, R. S.; Lino, A. C.; Bergman, M.-L.; Caramalho, I.; Sousa, A. E.; Zelenay, S.; Demengeot, J.articleopenAccess
2013Reciprocal virulence and resistance polymorphism in the relationship betweenToxoplasma gondiiand the house mouseLilue, Jingtao; Müller, Urs Benedikt; Steinfeldt, Tobias; Howard, Jonathan CarticleopenAccess
8-Mar-2016Recycling Endosomes and Viral InfectionVale-Costa, Sílvia; Amorim, MariaarticleopenAccess
Fev-2016Red alert: labile heme is an alarminSoares, Miguel P; Bozza, Marcelo TarticleembargoedAccess
7-Jan-2013Reductionism at the vertebrate kinetochoreStankovic, A.; Jansen, L. E. T.articleopenAccess