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28-Dez-2013Taille de la population d’Avahi laniger dans la réserve d’Ambodiriana-Manompana, Nord-est de MadagascarSabin, E.; Delarue, C.; Misandeau, C.; Besse, P.; Salmona, J.; Chikhi, L.articleopenAccess
17-Jan-2013Telomerase Is Required for Zebrafish LifespanHenriques, Catarina M.; Carneiro, Madalena C.; Tenente, Inês M.; Jacinto, António; Ferreira, Miguel GodinhoarticleopenAccess
6-Jul-2016Telomeres in aging and disease: lessons from zebrafishCarneiro, Madalena C.; de Castro, Inês Pimenta; Ferreira, Miguel GodinhoarticleopenAccess
Jul-2012Temporal control of epigenetic centromere specificationValente, Luis P; Silva, Mariana C C; Jansen, Lars E TarticleopenAccess
17-Nov-2014Temporal Control of Leaf Complexity by miRNA-Regulated Licensing of Protein ComplexesRubio-Somoza, Ignacio; Zhou, Chuan-Miao; Confraria, Ana; Martinho, Claudia; von Born, Patrick; Baena-Gonzalez, Elena; Wang, Jia-Wei; Weigel, DetlefarticleopenAccess
7-Nov-2017Temporal variation in brain transcriptome is associated with the expression of female mimicry as a sequential male alternative reproductive tactic in fishCardoso, Sara D.; Gonçalves, David; Goesmann, Alexander; Canário, Adelino V.M.; Oliveira, Rui F.articleembargoedAccess
2015Ten-year performance of Influenzanet: ILI time series, risks, vaccine effects, and care-seeking behaviourvan Noort, Sander P.; Codeço, Cláudia T.; Koppeschaar, Carl E.; van Ranst, Marc; Paolotti, Daniela; Gomes, M. Gabriela M.articleopenAccess
14-Jul-2016TERT promoter mutations in pancreatic endocrine tumours are rare and mainly found in tumours from patients with hereditary syndromesVinagre, João; Nabais, Joana; Pinheiro, Jorge; Batista, Rui; Oliveira, Rui Caetano; Gonçalves, António Pedro; Pestana, Ana; Reis, Marta; Mesquita, Bárbara; Pinto, Vasco; Lyra, Joana; Cipriano, Maria Augusta; Ferreira, Miguel Godinho; Lopes, José Manuel; Sobrinho-Simões, Manuel; Soares, PaulaarticleopenAccess
3-Nov-2015Testing cannibalism as a mechanism for horizontal transmission of Wolbachia in DrosophilaFaria, Vitor G.; Paulo, Tânia F.; Sucena, ÉlioarticleopenAccess
3-Nov-2014Testosterone response to competition in males is unrelated to opponent familiarity or threat appraisalOliveira, Gonçalo A.; Uceda, Sara; Oliveira, Tânia F.; Fernandes, Alexandre C.; Garcia-Marques, Teresa; Oliveira, Rui F.articleopenAccess
7-Jun-2017Tetranychus urticae mites do not mount an induced immune response against bacteriaSantos-Matos, Gonçalo; Wybouw, Nicky; Martins, Nelson E.; Zélé, Flore; Riga, Maria; Leitão, Alexandre B.; Vontas, John; Grbić, Miodrag; Van Leeuwen, Thomas; Magalhães, Sara; Sucena, ÉlioarticleopenAccess
6-Ago-2015The Araguaia River as an Important Biogeographical Divide for Didelphid Marsupials in Central BrazilRocha, Rita Gomes; Ferreira, Eduardo; Loss, Ana Carolina; Heller, Rasmus; Fonseca, Carlos; Costa, Leonora PiresarticleembargoedAccess
19-Jul-2017The Combined Effect of Oseltamivir and Favipiravir on Influenza A Virus EvolutionOrmond, Louise; Liu, Ping; Matuszewski, Sebastian; Renzette, Nicholas; Bank, Claudia; Zeldovich, Konstantin; Bolon, Daniel N.; Kowalik, Timothy F.; Finberg, Robert W.; Jensen, Jeffrey D.; Wang, Jennifer P.articleopenAccess
7-Mai-2013The Confounding Effect of Population Structure on Bayesian Skyline Plot Inferences of Demographic HistoryHeller, Rasmus; Chikhi, Lounes; Siegismund, Hans RedlefarticleopenAccess
28-Ago-2009The crystal structure of the Escherichia coli autoinducer-2 processing protein protein LsrFDiaz, Z.; Xavier, KB.; Miller, ST.articleopenAccess
2013The demographic history of populations experiencing asymmetric gene flow: combining simulated and empirical dataPaz-Vinas, I.; Quéméré, E.; Chikhi, L.; Loot, G.; Blanchet, S.articleopenAccess
Fev-2014The developmental control of size in insectsNijhout, H. Frederik; Riddiford, Lynn M.; Mirth, Christen; Shingleton, Alexander W.; Suzuki, Yuichiro; Callier, VivianearticleopenAccess
1-Nov-2015The ecdysteroidome of Drosophila: influence of diet and developmentLavrynenko, O.; Rodenfels, J.; Carvalho, M.; Dye, N. A.; Lafont, R.; Eaton, S.; Shevchenko, A.articleopenAccess
Mai-2006The effect of spatial structure in adaptive evolutionPerfeito, L.; Gordo, I.; Campos, P.R.A.articleopenAccess
22-Jun-2005The evolution of a conjugative plasmid and its ability to increase bacterial fitness.Dionisio, F.; Conceição, I.C.; Marques, A.C.R.; Fernandes, L.; Gordo, I.articleopenAccess