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Título: Arrested B Lymphopoiesis and Persistence of Activated B Cells in Adult Interleukin 7
Autor: Carvalho, Thiago L.
Mota-Santos, Tomaz
Cumano, Ana
Demengeot, Jocelyne
Paulo, Vieira
Palavras-chave: B lymphocyte
interleukin 7
marginal zone B cells
B1 cells
B cell development
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2001
Citação: Carvalho, T.L., Mota-Santos T., Cumano A., Demergeot J., Vieira P. (2001) " Arrested B Lymphopoiesis and Persistence of Activated B Cells in Adult Interleukin 7". Journal of Experimental Medicine. 194 (8):1141-1150 OCT
Resumo: Interleukin 7 is a crucial factor for the development of murine T and B lymphocytes. We now report that, in the absence of interleukin 7, B lymphocyte production takes place exclusively during fetal and perinatal life, ceasing after 7 wk of age. In peripheral organs, however, the pool of B lymphocytes is stable throughout adult life and consists only of cells that belong to the B1 and marginal zone (MZ) compartments. This is accompanied by a 50-fold increase in the frequency of immunoglobulin (Ig)M- and IgG-secreting cells, and the concentration of serum immunoglobulins is increased three- to fivefold. Both the MZ phenotype and the increase in serum IgM are T cell independent. These findings reveal a previously undescribed pathway of B lymphopoiesis that is active in early life and is interleukin 7 independent. This pathway generates B1 cells and a normal sized MZ B lymphocyte compartment.
ISSN: 0022-1007
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