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The actin cytoskeleton controls a large number of cellular processes, including the generation and maintenance of cell morphology and polarity, in endocytosis and intracellular trafficking, in contractibility, mobility and cell division. Our work and others argue that different populations of actin filaments exist in the cell that have specialized function. Using Drosophila as a model system, which permits to relatively easily manipulate gene expression, we aim to understand how cytoskeletal organization is regulated in distinct epithelia and characterize the role of specialized filamentous actin-based structures. Our project addresses a fundamental aspect of cell biology but also aims to broader our understanding of pathogenesis associated with actin dynamics. Indeed, cell division, cell shape and polarity, cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesions and cell migration are all aspects of cell behaviour controlled by the actin cytoskeleton and which often go awry during cancer progression.


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