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Título: The Impact of IPTi and IPTc Interventions on Malaria Clinical Burden – In Silico Perspectives
Autor: Águas, R.
Lourenço, J.M.L.
Gomes, M.G.M.
White, L.J.
Data: Ago-2009
Citação: Águas, R. , Lourenço, J.M.L.,Gomes, M.G.M., White, L.J. (2009). "The Impact of IPTi and IPTc Interventions on Malaria Clinical Burden – In Silico Perspectives". PloS ONE. 4(8): e6627
Resumo: BACKGROUND: Clinical management of malaria is a major health issue in sub-Saharan Africa. New strategies based on intermittent preventive treatment (IPT) can tackle disease burden by simultaneously reducing frequency of infections and life-threatening illness in infants (IPTi) and children (IPTc), while allowing for immunity to build up. However, concerns as to whether immunity develops efficiently in treated individuals, and whether there is a rebound effect after treatment is halted, have made it imperative to define the effects that IPTi and IPTc exert on the clinical malaria scenario. METHODS AND FINDINGS: Here, we simulate several schemes of intervention under different transmission settings, while varying immunity build up assumptions. Our model predicts that infection risk and effectiveness of acquisition of clinical immunity under prophylactic effect are associated to intervention impact during treatment and follow-up periods. These effects vary across regions of different endemicity and are highly correlated with the interplay between the timing of interventions in age and the age dependent risk of acquiring an infection. However, even when significant rebound effects are predicted to occur, the overall intervention impact is positive. CONCLUSIONS: IPTi is predicted to have minimal impact on the acquisition of clinical immunity, since it does not interfere with the occurrence of mild infections, thus failing to reduce the underlying force of infection. On the contrary, IPTc has a significant potential to reduce transmission, specifically in areas where it is already low to moderate.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.7/58
ISSN: 1932-6203
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