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The Unit of Imaging and Cytometry (UIC) is composed of the following sub-units:

Advanced Imaging, headed by Gabriel G. Martins

Flow Cytometry, headed by Rui Gardner

Electron Microscopy, headed by Erin Tranfield

The UIC has been at the forefront of major technological developments at IGC, since its formal creation in 2003. In the last decade, spearheaded by José Feijó, the UIC has grown in personnel and technological spectrum to anticipate the demands of a growing base of users. Because cellular imaging and cytometry have been in high demand, and new systems and techniques are continuously developed, the facility expanded significantly to facilitate accessibility while introducing the latest innovations - in optical microscopy, electron microscopy and flow cytometry - to the whole research community.

The three sub-units now provide more dedicated and focused services on their technical areas, and continue development through a close collaboration with the "Equipment Unit", headed by Nuno Moreno, who was previously responsible for managing all microscopy equipment.


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